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Worry-Free Maryland Vending Service

There’s nothing worse than being excited to enjoy a midday snack and the vending machine gets jammed! Maryland Vending has invested in the newest machines to provide our customers with the best experience providing their employees and clients with snack and drink machines. If you’re looking for an updated Maryland vending service, Maryland Vending may be right for you.

All About SureVend

SureVend is the newest infrared technology to ensure that products consistently vend. SureVend detects when a selection fails to drop and retries twice more to vend that item. If the item still does not drop, your money will be given back to you. You’ll never have to worry about losing your money or a snack getting stuck ever again.

The Cashless Option

Our society is becoming increasingly cashless – nearly 30% of people don’t use cash at all during the week and it’s necessary that vending machines accept credit and debit cards. That’s why SureVend gives you the option to pay cashless with your credit or debit card.

Other Facts About SureVend

  • It’s energy-efficient
  • You can view the nutritional information of the product
  • Our vending machines have the tightest temperature control making the food stay fresh

Benefits of a Vending Service

It makes grabbing a snack or a beverage much easier and if the vending machine is in a workplace, it will allow employees to spend less money and spend more time being productive. It will create a friendlier environment and offer a wide variety of options. With our healthy produce options, the vending machine can provide those who use it with a nutritious meal or snack.

We are always updating our technology to make sure it’s providing the best service it can while remaining modern and making it easy and convenient for everyone to use.

SureVend: Maryland Vending Service

We serve Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. Whether you want a vending machine in an office, school, apartment building, government facility, or other establishments, we can install one for you and stock it. We offer coffee service, pastries, soup, lunch kits, and more. For more information, contact us!

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